A house with a history

From 1850 to 2016

Svanebäcks gård, where the house that we rent is the farmhouse, has a history that dates back to the 16th century. It is plotted on very old maps of the area.
The farmhouse was built somewhere around 1850 by the farmer Per Andersson (whose ancestors had owned the farm since the 17th century) and his wife Elna Olsdotter. We have been able to establish the year of construction by letting a dendrochronologist at the University of Lund analyze the rings of some of the beams in the house.
Since Elna brought a great deal of money to the marriage the couple could buy wood of really good quality, namely slow-growing pine from the Swedish island of Gotland.
In 1877 Per Andersson applied for a change of name for the farm that so far had been called Svinabäcks gård (the farm of "the brook of pigs"). The new name would be Svanebäcks gård (the farm of "the brook of swans").

The pictures below was taken in 1913. By then Per Anderssons son, Anders Ludwig Andersson, and his wife Matilda had taken over the farm. The photographer was their son-in-law, Arthur Rube.

Anders Ludwig and Matilda Andersson (seated) and their three children.

Anders Ludwig and Matilda and their children pose at the gable of the house. The gate was changed one year later, in 1914.

Picture taken from one of the farms fields, north of the house.

The kitchen at Svanebäcks gård in the year of 1913.

The room called "salen" (the hall in Swedish). They really liked to decorate in 1913...

Salen (the hall) from another angle.