Welcome to Svanebäcks gård

A quiet place in the village of Viken, in the south of Sweden. The nearby beach offers not only sandy shores but a nine-hole-golfcourse as well. 

Welcome to Svanebäcks gård in lovely Viken! In our beautiful and newly renovated house from the 1900th century you have 155 square meters to your disposal. Here you can relax after a round of golf, after a day at the beach or after sightseeing in the neighbourhood.

Why not start your day at Svanebäck with a breakfast on the patio, facing the parklike garden?

Anja & Björn

A house that offers a bit more

A good place to stay if you want a bit of elegance to top your vacation.

A garden with enough space for everybody
From the patio you have a nice view of the garden. Do you prefer to relax in the sun or in the shadow? The garden offers both!

A fireplace, lime plastered walls and a smooth oak floor. Not to mention the decorated ceiling. The livingroom offers some nice details to enjoy.

Rooms with a view
On the second floor you find the three bedrooms . Each one with a view of its own. 

A well-equipped kitchen
Here you find everything you need to comfortably manage your household . Go to photo gallery

The neighbourhood

Viken and its surroundings in Kullabygden offers a lot more to do than spending nice days at the beach. The nature, the culture and the possibility to play golf makes a visit worth while the whole year round.

Sandy beaches
The bathing season in Viken starts in the end of May. This is the beach on the other side of the road.

Golfing by the sea
You find the golf course of Helsingborg Gfk just 100 meters from Svanebäcks gård.

Useful links for tourists in Kullabygden:

1. Kullaliv.se. A lot of information of places to visit, current exhibitions and activities, cafées and restaurants. Unfortunately only in Swedish, though.

2. Hoganas.se. The municipality of Höganäs official website with tips for tourists. In English.

3. Dunkers kulturhus: The place to go if you like any kind of cultural experience during a visit to Helsingborg. Here you will find art exhibitions, conserts and other events. They have no English website but offer Google translate as a way for foreign tourists from any country to understand their information. 

4. Visit Helsingborg: In English. Almost any information you need for a successful sightseeing trip to Helsingborg. The site is also available in German/Deutsch.

We look forward to your visit

Svanebäcks gård, Svanebäcksvägen 25N, SE-263 62 Viken, SWEDEN
GPS: 56.160072, 12.568904

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